Hi-Tech Precinct

Hi-Tech Precinct Gippsland brings together education, research and industry to collaborate, innovate and transform industries that will shape an exciting new future for the region.

Hi-Tech Precinct Gippsland is a powerful collaboration between founding partners, Federation University, TAFE Gippsland, Gippsland Tech School and Latrobe City Council. The collective vision is to build the region’s global reputation for smart thinking and open innovation through local collaboration to achieve world-class commercial, economic and social outcomes. Setting new standards for the region at every level, Hi-Tech Precinct Gippsland offers unique networking opportunities, state of the art facilities and ample space to grow.

The Precinct

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Gippsland Tech School

A hi-tech learning environment with innovative education programs linked to local industry that delivers real world learning to students. The Tech School will be co-located with the new Innovation Centre to connect students directly with ideas, industry and skills.

The New Innovation Centre

Opened in 2020, the Innovation Centre is a base for research, business incubation, product development, start up support, and education and training.

Funded by the Victorian Government, the $17 million centre incorporates creative spaces to promote design thinking and practice. It integrates with the Gippsland Tech School to link students directly with local industry and skills.

Kernot Hall

Latrobe City Council’s versatile venue for events, expos, seminars and conferences. The hall adjoins Gippsland Tech School, and will integrate with both the school and the Innovation Centre as part of the new precinct. Kernot Hall faces parkland that incorporates the Gippsland Immigration Park and Heritage Walk around Kernot Lake.

TAFE Training Centre

Overlooking the lake beside Kernot Hall, the Waratah Restaurant boasts stunning views and a fresh interior that creates a bright space for a relaxing lunch or coffee spot.

The modern equipment allows our students to learn using the most current trends so they can hit the workforce ready.

Lunch: 12.00pm–1.00pm
Dates: bookings available Wednesday’s between 20/07 – 14/09

Gippsland Immigration Park and Heritage Walk

Picturesque Kernot Lake forms the centrepiece of the Gippsland Immigration Park and Heritage Walk. Both describe important aspects of the history of Gippsland, including its Indigenous heritage.

TAFE Gippsland

TAFE Gippsland’s Morwell Campus offers students a range of learning facilities, including an on-campus library, computer lab and a student lounge/recreation space. Morwell Campus is host to specialised training facilities for Horticulture, Nursing and Hospitality courses as well as VCAL, Koorie Unit and English Language studies.
Gippsland Tech School The New Innovation Centre Kernot Hall TAFE Training Centre Gippsland Immigration Park and Heritage Walk TAFE Gippsland

Collaborating with knowledge experts and technology specialists across different fields opens up a world of possibilities, including the chance to go beyond conventional boundaries in business.

A partnership between Federation University, TAFE Gippsland, Gippsland Tech School and Latrobe City Council, Hi-Tech Precinct Gippsland is designed to deliver profound business, economic and social solutions by applying new skills, disruptive thinking and close collaboration.

New skills, disruptive thinking and close collaboration

Federation University

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TAFE Gippsland

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Gippsland Tech School

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Latrobe City Council

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A unique labour model

Hi-Tech Precinct Gippsland opens up exciting new pathways into the future world of work – whatever that future may look like – from secondary education into commercial internships, academia and research. Locating skills based training and industry development research within a single site provides a unique labour model for Gippsland that will benefit the community for generations.

Rewarding career pathways

The Precinct will connect secondary students directly with local industry to help them develop the experience they will need for secure working futures. This model will enable young people to gain valuable experience and exposure to real and virtual industry operations – creating job and research opportunities for graduates as well as skilled employees for growth industries in the region.

Access the brightest minds in Tech and IT