Our Community

Below is a list of our valued tenants and members at the Morwell Innovation Centre

Alinta Energy

Permanent Tenant

Alinta Energy has over 25 years of experience as both an energy retailer and generator, supplying great value energy to over 1 million Australians. The MIC is home to their Customer Experience Hub, dedicated to providing excellent local customer service to their East Coast customer base. That’s better™.

Phone: 13 37 02

Email: customer.service@alintaenergy.com.au

Website: alintaenergy.com.au


Committee for Gippsland

Permanent Tenant

The Committee for Gippsland is a positive and influential voice for Gippsland helping to create a prosperous and sustainable future for the region. Our purpose is to be a member-led advocacy group that engages business and key stakeholders in positive decision making for the sustainable future of Gippsland, contributing to a strong and vibrant Victoria and Australia.

Our aim is to positively influence government priorities for Gippsland leading to strong economic and social outcomes.

The Committee for Gippsland proudly delivers the Gippsland Community Leadership Program, one of Australia’s longest running regional leadership programs, and the Gippsland Hydrogen Cluster, connecting industry with Government while helping to develop Gippsland’s hydrogen future from generation through to application.

Phone: (03) 5623 3219




Permanent Tenant

Opal is one of ANZ’s largest paper and fibre packaging manufacturers and a member of the NIPPON PAPER GROUP. The Opal Maryvale Mill produces 100% brown packaging paper and is a key component in Opal’s integrated value chain across Australia and New Zealand. Opal is partnering with Veolia and Masdar Tribe on the Maryvale Energy from Waste project to divert non-recyclable waste from landfill, create regional jobs and generate energy for the Mill.

Level: One

Opening hours: The Creating Energy from Waste Information Centre opens every Tuesday, 10am-3pm.

Email: creatingenergy@opalanz.com

Website: https://opalanz.com/future/energy-from-waste/


Workspace Member

RedgridGPT is at the forefront of AI-Led innovation in the energy industry.

We bring deep and targeted industry knowledge from 4 years delivering cutting edge new energy projects with a team of global sustainability, AI, Intelligent Process Automation and GenAI technology and research leaders.

We work with New Energy Industry providers to define, discover and implement AI and GEN AI innovation opportunities and strategies that help them solve problems, optimize operations, accelerate the energy transition and win.

Website: https://redgrid.io/home

Gippsland Climate Change Network

Meeting Room Member

Gippsland Climate Change Network (GCCN) is a Gippsland wide not-for-profit Incorporated Association and registered charity focused on connecting and collaborating with local communities, businesses, and government organisations around climate change awareness and solutions.

Their challenge is to engage with our community about the real and present threat of climate change, promote the transition to renewable energy, and generate hope by delivering climate-positive initiatives.

GCCN Vision – Gippsland is carbon neutral by 2040 with thriving communities, new industries, a resilient economy, healthy habitats, and sustainably managed resources.

Website: www.gccn.org.au


Latrobe Health Assembly

Meeting Room Member

The Latrobe Health Assembly is a community-led organisation that seeks to positively shape and facilitate new ways of working to improve health and wellness in Latrobe. This is achieved by facilitating and enabling collaboration among the local communities, local organisations and state-wide agencies and government.

Website: www.healthassembly.org.au

My Support Australia

Meeting Room Member

My Support Australia brings together over 30 years of experience in providing person-centred, health care support and the leading of organisations.

As a provider of services to aged care and NDIS communities, My Support Australia strives to empower you to achieve your goals as well as live a full and rewarding life.

They will work with you and your support team to ensure your person-centred support plan caters to your individual needs.

Website: www.mysupportaustralia.com.au